Kingston, Ontario

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Andrew MacKinnon

Kingston lies between Toronto and Montreal, with a scenic setting on the north-eastern end of Lake Ontario, at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the mouth of the Cataraqui River. The city of 130,000 is known for its limestone buildings and location of Queen’s University — one of Canada’s largest. There are some terrific running options in Kingston, anchored by the 11+ km of waterfront paths, numerous parks, and a couple of long-distance multi-use trails. For more in the area, see our running guide for the Thousand Islands region.

The signature run in Kingston is to choose a section of the of the scenic Waterfront Trail along the St. Lawrence River, with numerous parks just north of King St. as add-ons. Another great place to run in Kingston our route combining the campus of Queen’s University, City Park, and the adjacent residential neighborhoods. Further west, is easy trail running in our Parks & Marshland route, Lemoine Point Conservation Area, and Nicholsons Point/Parrott’s Bay. For an easy off-road option, the 22 km K&P Trail runs north of the city, connecting to the even longer Cataraqui Trail in Harrowsmith. We also love the trails in Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. For a fun & scenic option, take the 20-minute ferry from Kingston Harbor to Wolfe Island, to enjoy miles of flat, traffic-free farm roads.

Runners should note that Kingston’s winters are the real deal. Very cold and very snowy. Many of the conservation areas are used for winter sports. The Waterfront Trail and our Queen’s University/neighborhoods route are good, maintained options.,

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Kingston features warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Lake Ontario moderates both summer and winter temperatures. Summers are not as hot as the rest of southern Ontario, with average highs in the 25C (77F) range. Autumn is beautiful and there are wonderful foliage routes. Winters are the real deal — cold, with nights dipping to -12C (10F) and some 160 cm (61 inches) of annual snowfall. NOTE: Kingston can be consistently windy.

Try to say south/west of Queen/Princess St. in the downtown/Queen’s area for easy access to some of the best running in Kingston. There’s a good selection of hotels.


Runners’ Choice. Has been around since 1985! Great store. Group Run info.

Running Room. Kingston outlet of terrific running store chain. Group Run info


There are group runs from the Runners’ Choice and Running Room stores.

Weekly Parkrun at Breakwater Park, Saturdays 9am.

Kingston Roadrunners is an active group that does training runs and organizes numerous events.


Here are some of the signature running events in Kingston, from the Kingston Road Runners calendar.