Trondheim, Norway

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Trondheim is the fourth largest city in Norway. It’s an attractive geographic setting on the south shore of Trondheim Fjord at the mouth of the River Nidelva. There are wonderful running options in Trondheim, taking advantage of the city’s waterfront location. Just outside the city, there’s fantastic trail running in the lakes and hills, which are popular for X-C skiing in winter.

Note that most of the best places to run in Trondheim are near the centre, and can be combined in various ways. Start with our Trondheim ‘runseeing’ tour, enjoying the compact centre, Festningsparken fortress park, & river paths. There are 5 km of paths Nidelva River, and several km of scenic paths along Trondheim Fjord, which we’ve divided into two routes. Just south of the city, there are nice parks in Høyskoleparken. And just to the west is a scenic route that combines Ila Waterfall and several lakes. Trail runners will love the 200km of trails in the Bymark Nature Reserve.

Notes: Trondheim’s northerly latitude means days in summer where the sun barely sets, but also very short winter days with little sun. Many of the running paths are well lit. Also note that winters can be snowy and summers are cool.

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Trondheim has an oceanic climate, with cold winters and mild summers. The winter climate is moderated by the waterfront location, with temperatures climbing above freezing during the day and nights dipping to -4C (25F). There is snow, but often mixed with rain. Note it can be quite a bit colder just inland and in the hills. Runners will often need a layer in summer, with daytime temperatures of 20C (68F) and lows of 10-11C (50-55F). NOTE the extremes in day length between winter and summer. For a stretch in June & July, you can run in daylight nearly 24 hours.


Most of the hotels are centrally located downtown, which provides access to several of our favorite running routes in Trondheim.


Good selection of stores in Trondeim selling running gear. See overview map on home page.


There’s a parkrun at Festningen, Saturdays 9:30 am.

Good calendar of running events in Norway.

Trondheim Marathon. Autumn. Norway’s oldest marathon.

The area is also popular for cross-country running races. Some events here.