Medellín, Colombia

Parque Norte, Botanical Gardens, University

Creative Commons 2.5: SajoR

Just north of central Medellín, one can put together a quite nice run incorporating Parque Norte, the adjacent Botanical Gardens, and the campus of Universidad de Antioquia. Start at the Universidad Cll.73 metro stop, and do a loop around the perimeter road and interior paths of the Botanical Gardens. There’s lovely landscaping and foliage (note opening hours).  Then cross C.53 into the University, and run on the perimeter road, which has a good sidewalk and is a good connector to Parque Norte. It’s a pretty park with a 1 km perimeter around a pond (and an amusement park at one end). Altogether this is a ~6 km run.


  • ~6 km (~3.7 miles)
  • Flat
  • Universidad Cll.73 metro stop
  • Metro: Universidad Cll.73