Medellín, Colombia

Medellín Road Run: Circuito Transversales

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Locals like doing the ‘Transversales’ loop as a good way to get in an easy-to-follow road run incorporating some hills. The loop follows Transversale Superior & Transversale Inferior in the hilly El Poblado neighborhood, for a loop of nearly 10 km. These are busy roads, but there’s a decent sidewalk, a nice tree canopy, and not many turns. Bonusrunning track at Colegio Marymount.

Our route starts near Colegio Marymount, and follows T. Superior north, then a brief section on Av. Las Palmas and then south on T. Inferior. At the 4 km mark, the road turns into Calle 32 & C.34, then looping back on C.25B to T. Superior.

  • 9.6 km (6 miles) loop,
  • 184m (606 feet)
  • Colegio Marymount