Vienna, Austria

Canal Path (Donaukanal)

There are three primary waterside running options in Vienna: Along the river, on Danube Island, and along the Donaukanal, which is the path along the Danube canal. The path goes for several miles, headed north from the Stadionallee, near the southern section of the Prater Park. We’ve mapped out a 5.7 km (3.6 mile) one-way route, from Stadionallee to Friedensbrücke, across from the Augarten. The path is part paved and part gravel.

One can run for most of this route on either side of the canal, using the numerous bridges to cross over. This allows for loops of various lengths, and one way options involving a subway back.

Key distances, from Stadionallee, on the west side (km/mi):

  • 1.6/1.0  Rotundenbrücke bridge
  • 2.6/1.6  Franzensbrücke
  • 3.2/2.0  Julius Rabb Plaz
  • 4.0/2.5  Salztorbrücke
  • 4.6/2.8 Schottenring (Ring Road)
  • 5.7/3.6 Friedensbrücke


  • 5.7 km (3.6 miles) from Stadionallee to Friedensbrücke
  • Flat
  • South end: Stadionallee; North end: Friedensbrücke subway
  • Subway: Erdberg (U3) is closest to the southern end; Friedensbrücke subway at northern end (U4)