With its patterned brick streets and pedestrian-only shopping areas, the center of Essen’s Altstadt area is a fun place to explore on foot. Runners can also head slightly north into the University of Duisburg-Essen to explore the crisp architecture and multi-use pathways. We’ve mapped a 5 km course through the center of the city. You can sort of create your own route in the historic city center, much of it pedestrianized, between Hindenburgstraße to the west and Schützenbahn to the east.

Start at the Essen HBF metro station and heads north to the Hirschlandplatz monument. From here, bends around the Grillo Theater and the Limbecker Platz shopping mall. Follows the path of Essen’s “Green Center,” and cross the pond into the University. After a tour of the quad, cross back over the pond and head south to the Kreuzeskirche church. Pass under the arches of Fontänengasse and follow Kettwiger Street back to the start.

Add-Ons: Parks near the center: Segeroth Park just north of the university.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles)
  • 42 meters (138 feet)
  • Essen HBF
  • Essen HBF