Bruges, Belgium

Inner Canal Route

Source: Pixabay (free license)

This is a short loop of what’s referred Bruge’s Inner Canal, providing a nice overview some of the city’s historic sections and sites. One can start anywhere convenient, but a good spot is Zand Square. Our route follows the inner canal clockwise. Follow the narrow Moerstraat, running by pretty old houses, to St. James Church and the Viospport landmark. Follow the main road along the narrow canal, turning right (south) at the Gallery 44 Museum. Stay along Verversdijk, with a wider canal and pretty older buildings, heading west on Steenhouwersdijk past the historic Meestraat Bridge. Pass the 18th century Brugse Vrije art museum, Town Hall, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, making your way back to the start.

Add-Ons: This can be combined with the ‘outer canal’ loop, which is as much as 10.5 km. It’s generally about 1 km to get to the outer canal. And/or, if you go early or the streets aren’t crowded, enjoy winding your way along the narrow streets of Bruge’s old section — amble over to the Markt (large plaza), the small Astridpark, or the roads/paths along other Bruges inner canals.

  • 3.6 km (2.3 miles) loop
  • Flat
  • Zand Square or any other point on loop