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Additional North York Running Options

G Ross Lord Park. Sergey Ashmarin

In addition to the Ravine Trail and the Don Valley trails, there are some nice parks and multi-use trails for running in North York. Here are some recommendations for running in the area between Highways 401 & 407.

Upper Don Trail. Also called the Betty Sutherland Trail, this path runs for 5.4 km between Betty Sutherland Park and just north of Finch Ave E. The paved, flat, mainly wooded path follows the Don River. At the northern end, you can connect to the North York Bike Trail/Finch Hydro Corridor Trail (see below). Accessible from the Old Cummer Go StationROUTE MAP  

North York Bike Trail/Finch Hydro Corridor Trail. This paved multi-use path runs east-west across North York for 15 km, connecting several parks, additional trails, and the campus of York University. The eastern end starts as the North York Bike Trail, at the intersection with the Upper Don Trail (see above). Being a ‘hydro corridor’, there are large hydro towers a good part of the way. Distance options, east-west (cumulative):   ROUTE MAP

  • 2 km. Maxone Mark. These first 2 km are a gradual uphill, headed east
  • 4 km. Hendon Park. Trail turns into the Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail
  • 7 km. G Ross Lord Park (nice running here on additional trails, see below)
  • 11 km. Just south of York University campus (TTC: Finch Station). Head just north to run paths at York and a running track at Steeles Ave.
  • 12.9 km. Connect to trail heading north to Black Creek Parkland
  • 15 km. West end of trail at Norfinch Dr.

G Ross Lord Park. This is a pleasant park, with numerous trails and a reservoir. There’s a popular perimeter trail that loops for ~5 km around the park. For more, connect to: some of the additional trails; the Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail headed east or west; and the trail headed north through the West Don Valley Open Space for ~ 3 km to Marita Payne Park. ROUTE MAP: PARK PERIMETER

York campus. Flickr: Jose San Juan

Area Around York University. There’s some nice running in the area of this large public research university. There are decent pedestrian paths around the campus, the heart of which is between Keele St. & Highway 400 east-west and Steeles Ave. to Finch Ave. north-south. There’s a running track at the north end off Steeles Ave. Additional options in this area:

  • York University Busway/Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail. This paved multi-use trail runs east-west across for 15 km across North York. Catch it south of campus, just north of Finch. It’s 2 km east to G Ross Lord Park, where there are additional trails.
  • Parkland Trails. Just west of Sentinel Rd., there are some pleasant wooded trails running north through the Black Creek Parkland or south to Derrydowns Park/Northwood Park (note: not 100% seamless)




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