Utrecht, Netherlands

University of Utrecht, Oostbroek Estate, Parks, & Gardens

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Just south of the city centre, one can put together an enjoyable running route combining the paths around the University of Utrecht, the Oostbroek Estate, Botanical Gardens, and a couple of adjacent parks. Create your own mix & match route using the numerous paths around and connecting these areas!

University of Utrecht

The University of Utrecht, founded in 1636, is an attractive campus with numerous pedestrian & cycle paths. At the eastern edge of the University, do a !1.5 loop around the gorgeous grounds of the Oostbroek Estate. At the western edge of the university, enjoy a ~ 1km loop around the Utrecht Botanic Gardens, which date back to 1639.

If you’d like to add more, there are some good options. From the western end of the botanical gardens, use the bike path than runs west alongside Archimedeslaan to cross under the A28 into several adjacent small parks: Park Bloeyendael, Voorveldse Polder (run around the Fort De Bilt) ,the fields of the Sportpark, and the paths around the small Fort Voordorp.

Add-Ons: Just south of the University, combine with our Fort Rhijnauwen/Amelisweerd Forest route for a longer run.

  • Create your own route -- can be 10k+, depending on how many elements you wish to combine!
  • Flat
  • University or any of the other 'areas' that are part of this route!
  • Numerous access points