Cities With Great Weather for Running

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Ask most runners what their ideal running weather is, and they’ll probably say, ‘sunny, not too humid, 18-24C (mid-60s to mid-70sF)’. This got us to thinking, what cities have weather like this the majority of the time? Well, there aren’t that many. Not everywhere can be San Diego or Sydney. To qualify for this top list, the city must have daily high temperatures between 15C and 27C (60F-80F) year-round, and not be ‘too anything’, as in not too hot, cold, rainy, snowy, cloudy, or humid. Some of the cities we chose are a bit hotter in summer, but aren’t uncomfortably humid. Our top five overall: San Diego, Valencia, Port Elizabeth,  Casablanca, and Sydney. Sorry, we couldn’t find one city in Asia that makes the cut. The list below is organized by region.