San Antonio, TX

Brackenridge Park

A variation of the River Walk run, this route travels a couple of miles further north to Brackenridge Park, one of the more popular running areas in the city, and home to the Japanese Tea Gardens, Botanical Garden, and the San Antonio Zoo. A 350 acre public park, The Brak (as it’s locally known) offers a bit for everyone with bike and running trails, public fishing, kid’s parks, gardens, and more. Our route incorporates River Walk and the San Antonio River, starting and ending in either downtown or at the circle in the middle of the park. For a shorter run, it’s one can do ~3 miles within the park and join some of the River trail nearby.

Add-On: the Mahncke Park neighborhood, just east of Brackenridge Park, is pleasant for running.


  • 7.25 mile loop
  • At the park
  • At the park (3 miles from downtown) or downtown