Skyline med overblik over storby: Frederiksberg, søerne, søpavillionen og indre by, ejendomme set mod nordøst efter solnedgang fra Codan (kæmpe panorama fil). Nøgleord: bolig horisont city hustage etageejendom oppefra ovenfra fra luften fra oven

This is one of the more popular places to run in Copenhagen. There are a series of five nearly interconnected small lakes (Søerne), with a dedicated pedestrian path encircling them. Wedged in between Indre By and the three Bridge Districts (Vesterbro, Nørrebro, and Østerbro), the Lakes traverse the periphery of central Copenhagen. It is 1.8 miles along each end, or 4.1 miles to do the full ‘lap’. Add variety and distance by zig-zagging over the bridges.

Distances along the lakes, to key bridges/roads, starting from Østerbrogade, on Sortedams Sø:

  • Frensensgrade: 0.45m (0.7km).
  • Dronning Louises Bro: 0.9m (1.5km)
  • Gyldenløvesgade: 1.3m (2.1km)
  • Kampmannsgade: 1.6m (2.6km)
  • Planetarium (near Tivoli): 1.8m (2.9km)

A nice add-on is on the western side, at the Frensensgrade bridge, are the paths in Fredens Park and Amor Park, about 1/2 mile of paths, one-way. Fælledparken park is just to the north of the Sortedams Sø, and Østre Anlæg park is just to the south.


  • 4.1 mile loop (6.6 km)
  • Flat
  • Any point close to where you're staying. It's centrally located
  • Metro: Forum (southern end, near Planetarium)