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40 Great Spring Runs: USA and Canada

There are certain types of runs that are particularly special on a classic spring day. The sights and smells of blossoms blooming and trees budding are an especially nice reward after a winter of running in the cold and dark. Here’s a list of 40 runs in the United States and Canada that are particularly wonderful in spring  — an eclectic collection of parks and bucolic residential areas. The focus is on the larger cities and those with distinct seasons (sorry, L.A. and Miami).  The list is in alphabetical order, by city. Height of the spring blossoms works its way from the U.S. south in mid-March to the northeast in early-to-mid May. And, see some of our other spring lists: Best Cities in Spring, Cherry Blossom Runs, Desert Wildflower Bloom Routes, and European Parks.

Forsyth Park

Savannah, GA

The signature park in Savannah’s historic district. Walking paths, a large fountain, live oaks & azaleas, and recreational facilities. There are about 1.5 miles of interior walking paths or a loop around the perimeter is 1.2 miles.

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