Canada is becoming an increasingly popular business and vacation travel destination. This huge country has several major cities, each with a distinct character. Toronto is the financial capital, and as the fourth largest city in North America, is a major cultural destination. Montreal, the largest French speaking city outside France, is a haven for food and fashion. Vancouver is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and one of the best for running. Quebec City is charming and historic. Ottawa, the National Capital, is wonderfully laid out and has an extensive series of urban trails. Hilly Halifax is the capital of Atlantic Canada and features some wonderful waterfront running. Here is our list of the top 20 runs in Canada, representing at least one from each major Canadian city, from Victoria to St. John’s (west to east, not in order), plus a couple of selections from popular vacation destinations.

River Valley Routes

Edmonton, Alberta

The largest urban park in Canada, with 160 km of maintained trails and 20 major parks. Great running opportunities. We've mapped out routes on the north and south sides of the river, with tables for segment distances.

Windsor Riverfront Path

Windsor, Ontario

The signature run in Windsor is the riverfront path on the the south bank of the Detroit River. It runs for 5 km between the Ambassador Bridge and Wildflower Garden to the east. Can continue further east to Coventry Gardens. Parks, river views, sites.

Thames Valley Parkway

London, Ontario

The 30 km of paths along the Thames River are the signature run in London, featuring water views, parks, and woods. The main path is the Thames River Parkway, which runs for some 16 km along the river, with a 3 km section heading north to Gibbons Park.

Hamilton Waterfront Trail

Hamilton, Ontario

The signature run trail in Hamilton. A gorgeous, paved multi-use path runs right along Lake Ontario, with unimpeded views of the water, incorporating multiple waterfront parks. The full route, east to Pier 7 and west to Princess Point, is 12.8 km.

Oshawa Waterfront Trail

Oshawa, Ontario

The signature run in Oshawa. Up to 15.5 km along Lake Ontario through a series of parks, with great water views. A couple of on-road and inland sections. We've described segment distances and highlights. Part of the 1400 km Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park

Laurentians, Quebec

Choosing a section of the P'tit Train du Nord is the signature run in the Laurentians. This 230 km multi-use path is a major recreational facility, popular for biking, running, and XC skiing. We've mapped the whole trail and recommended particularly scenic sections.

Mount Royal

Montreal, Quebec

The iconic Montreal run. Mount Royal defines the city, and this Olmsted-designed park offers numerous trail options, including a run to the summit–accessible from downtown!

Halifax Waterfront

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A wonderful run along the Halifax waterfront. Dedicated boardwalk most of the way, with great views of the water and harbour. Lots of great shops, restaurants, and important Halifax sights along the way.

Beach Running on PEI

Prince Edward Island

The red sand beaches on PEI's southern shore are better for running than the white sand beaches on the northern shore. Some of the favorites for running include Argyle Shores, Canoe Cove, and Chelton Beach, and Tea Hill.

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