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The 30 Best Runs in Asia’s Major Cities

We continue to add to our list of locations in Asia, with 40+cities and destinations. This list is a focus on the iconic runs in Asia’s major cities, grouped alphabetically by city. The list doesn’t include some of the vacation/resort areas in Asia we’ve covered.

Cubbon Park

Bangalore, India

At 300 acres, this wonderful green space is known as the 'Central Park' of Bangalore. A popular spot for running, with wide avenues, paths, and interesting sites. Can put together 5-7 km within the park. Bonus: closed to traffic before 8am and on Sundays.

Bang Kachao

Bangkok, Thailand

An island oasis in Bangkok, referred to as the city's 'green lung'. It's an extensive area, relatively free of traffic and commercial development. One can put together 15k+ of running on the roads and alleys, including a series of elevated wooden paths. Video highlights!

Olympic Forest Park

Beijing, China

The Olympic Forest Park, built for the Olympics, is a large, man-made nature park at the north end of the Olympic Green in Beijing. It's one of the best spots in Beijing for jogging. There jogging paths, with lengths of 3k, 5k, and 10k.

Nakdong River Paths

Busan, South Korea

The multi-use trails along the Nakdong River are among the best spots for a longer, seamless off-road run in Busan. We've divided them into three distinct sections that each have their own character and scenery.

Marina Beach & St. George Fort

Chennai, India

The signature run in Chennai. The promenade along the beach is 5 km one-way, festive and busy. The beach is runnable too. For a longer run, cross the Napier Bridge and run 2.5 km to St. George Fort & the Victory War Memorial.

Running the Rajpath

Delhi, India

Run on one of the most important roads in India! This ceremonial road in central New Delhi runs from National Stadium, through India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan. It's lined by huge lawns, canals, and rows of trees. Good add-on options.

West Lake

Hanoi, Vietnam

The largest of Hanoi's numerous lakes and one of the best spots in the city for a longer run. Palm-lined boulevards hug the shoreline, making for a ~15 km loop. Located in the Tây Hồ District, a wealthier section of the city, and site of Trấn Quốc Pagoda.

Bowen Road

Hong Kong, China

The signature run in Hong Kong. Carved out into the side of a hill, this relatively flat, paved path runs about 4k one-way, providing great views of Central and Wanchai just below.

Love River Run

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

The Love River is signature spot for running in Kaohsiung. There are paths/decent sidewalks for ~10 km, from the Lingyaliao Iron Bridge north to Smile Park. It's more park-like for 4 km north of "Heart of the Love River", with paths on both sides of the river.

Clifton Beach Area

Karachi, Pakistan

Terrific beachside running in Karachi. About 5 km of promenade paths, including Beach View Park. Clifton Beach itself is 6 km long, and runnable. At the northern end of the beach, the Oyster Rocks Pier is also a scenic spot. Good add-ons in area.

Kobe Promenades

Kobe, Japan

By far the best running in Kobe is along the waterfront promenades of Osaka Bay. There is no one continuous path, but runners can find good sections near Harborland, Suma, Wakinohamakaigandori, and Maiko.

Kamo River Paths

Kyoto, Japan

The signature running route in Kyoto, with many km of lovely, unpaved paths. Pleasant green spaces, and bridges made of stones. We've mapped 11.7 km, with the most pleasant section on the west side, heading north.

Taipa Waterfront

Macau, China

One of the signature spots for running in Macau. Great views of the Macau peninsula along this wide, tree-lined recreational path. The total distance is 3.3 km one-way. For a longer run, can go for 2.5 km over the 'Old Bridge'.

Manila Baywalk

Manila, Philippines

The Manila Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard is the most popular running spot in Manila, with a 1.6 km brick and cement path along the coastline. Good water views along this coconut-lined path. Video excerpts!

Shonai and Yada River Paths

Nagoya, Japan

One of the best spots for a longer, off-road run in Nagoya. Gravel paths line the Shonai River and Yada River, for 13+ km. The best section is from Daiko Park, west to Shonai Ryokuchi Park. There are some lovely parks and sections with cherry blossoms.

Rinku Park

Osaka, Japan

A perfect waterfront sunset run near the Kansai Airport in Izumisano City. Multiple options, including ~7 km or ~11 km routes along mainly waterfront paths.

Toyohira River Path

Sapporo, Japan

The top running route in Sapporo, this paved multi use path stretches over 25 km along the Toyohira River. Start from out from or run to Nakajima Park or Makominai Park for the best sections.

Han River Paths

Seoul, South Korea

The paths along the Han River (Han-Gang) are one of the most popular running spots in Seoul. A wonderful greenbelt, with various loop options involving the bridges and great river views. South side is a seamless 5k.

The Bund

Shanghai, China

One of the most famous spots in Shanghai. The Bund is a pedestrian path along the Huangpu River, with views of skyscrapers on one side and the wharf on the other. It's 1.6 km (1 mile) in each direction.

Shenzen Bay Boardwalk

Shenzen, China

The most scenic, longer run in Shenzen. One can run for 10+ km from Hongshuin Nature Preserve, west to Shenzhen Bay Bridge at Wanghai Rd. Great views of Shenzen Bay, Hong Kong Mountains, bridge to Hong Kong. We've mapped segment distances too.

Gardens by the Bay and Fort Canning Park


Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s major sites and also great for running. Combine with Fort Canning Park for a hill and a great 5.8 mile tour, and even more with Marina Bay. The Helix Bridge is a highlight, as are numerous other pedestrian bridges.

Tamsui River Paths: South

Taipei, Taiwan

Excellent running paths along both the right and left banks. Good water views much of the way, and it’s great for sunrises/sunsets. On the right bank, 9 km from Yanping Park to Shezi Island. On the left bank, 4 km from Taipei Br. through Tamsui Riverside Park.

The Imperial Palace

Tokyo, Japan

The most famous and popular run in central Tokyo. It’s possible to do a relatively uninterrupted 3.1 mile run around the perimeter. Views of some of Tokyo’s major sites. Video excerpt!

Minato Mirai (Bay Area)

Yokohama, Japan

The favorite running route in Yokohama, the bayside parks and promenades of Minato Mirai offer scenic views of the waterfront and its futuristic architecture. We’ve mapped 5k and 10 km routes, but there are lots of options for variation.

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