50 Beautiful Universities for Running

The quintessential leafy college campus also makes it bucolic for running. This our list of the most beautiful and run-friendly universities — the Top 50out of our 200+ routes worldwide that feature a university campus. It’s organized alphabetically by city name, rather than ranked. The route is either the campus itself, or the university within an especially bucolic setting. In some cases, we’ve mapped a specific route, while in other cases we link to a campus map and recommend a few particular spots. If we had to pick a “Top 5-6”: Wellesley College, Duke University, University of British Columbia (setting), UC Santa Cruz, Cornell, and Cambridge University.

To see ALL of our routes in and around university campuses, click on ‘University‘ in our ‘Categories’ tab. Note that these tend to be universities in locations where we have developed guides. So we might miss the occasional campus that’s located outside a travel destination, such as a Kenyon or Notre Dame.

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