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The 100 Best Runs in Europe’s Major Cities

There’s something about the layout of many European cities that makes them a joy for running. Historic centers. Classic parks. Often located on a river lined with multi-use paths. Throw that in with a pedestrian and bike friendly layout and good transit and there’s your typical European city. For this list, we’ve pulled favorites from major European cities. Think of it as a travel book equivalent of ‘if you’re going to Rome you must do this run’. The list is organized in alphabetical order, by city (i.e. the routes themselves are not ranked). The list does not include ‘resort’ destinations such as St. Moritz, Greek Island, etc.

Athens ‘RunSeeing’ Tour

Athens, Greece

A 'runseeing' tour of some of the most famous sites in Athens. National Gardens, Panathenaic Stadium, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Filopappou Hill, First Athens Cemetery. Full tour is 6.3 miles, shorter option ~5 miles. Go early. Video excerpts!

Acropolis Area

Athens, Greece

A great area for running in Athens. Combine the pedestrian-only streets that line the base of the Acropolis, and then head up the hill. Can be combined with Philopappou Hill, which has 2-3 miles of paths.

Barcelona Waterfront and Beaches

Barcelona, Spain

Up to 9 km of fantastic running along the waterfront, with paved paths, marinas, and numerous landmarks. Very festive with lots of people, shops, and cafes. Numerous options for add-ons, and a linear park with shade to vary the run. Video excerpts!


Berlin, Germany

The Tiergarten is the running capital of Berlin. A vast, 545 acre green space right in the city, Tiergarten is a running paradise for locals and visitors alike.

Main Line Canal

Birmingham, England

Birmingham’s canals form quick and efficient running routes with miles of paved “towpaths” paralleling the water. The crown jewel of these is a 5 mile route starting at the “Mailbox.”

Budapest ‘Runseeing Tour’

Budapest, Hungary

A 'runseeing' tour of Budapest, following the route of the Telekom Vivicitta Half Marathon. Incorporates City Park, Andrássy, Pest Inner City, Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, Danube paths, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky. Options to cut out some sections. Video excerpts!

Herăstrău Park

Bucharest, Romania

One of the most popular running spots in Bucharest. Arc of Triumph, fountains, Japanese Gardens. A highlight is the ~7 km loop on the path around Lake Herăstrău in this large and scenic park.

River Taff Area Paths and Trails

Cardiff, Wales

The pinnacle of running in Cardiff is the network of parks and multi-use paths surrounding the River Taff.  There are many options for running here, including paths along the Canal and River, and in the adjacent fields, parks, and heaths.

Cologne Grand Tour

Cologne, Germany

A "highlights of Cologne" run. Over 13k, enjoy the linear park of the Inner Green-Belt (Innerer Grüngürtel), a section along the Rhine, and then some of the major sights of Historic Cologne.

Nyhavn and Kastellet

Copenhagen, Denmark

A fantastic waterfront and fortress combo run. Enjoy the Nyhavn, the 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district with its colorful townhouses, and then the 2.5k loop around the wonderfully preserved Kastellet.

Limassol Coastal Run with Amathus Option


One of the most beautiful runs in Cyprus is the coastal path between La Isla and the San Raphael resort, with an optional jaunt up a hill to the ancient ruins of Amathus. This run can also be done on the beach, which has excellent firm sand.

Phoenix Park

Dublin, Ireland

At 1,750 acres, Phoenix Park is one of the largest walled parks in Europe. The signature green space to run in Dublin, a wonderful mix of fields, tree-lined paths, and interesting sites.

Dubrovnik Long Run

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A 12km "highlights tour" combining several of our Dubovnik routes: a section along the water, a loop around Babin Kuk, and the lovely trails of Forest Park Velika and Mala Petka. Mostly on paths, with great views and some hills.

Rhine River Paths

Düsseldorf, Germany

Classic European river run with paths on both the east and west sides, with bridges that allow for loops of various distances. The most popular 'loop' is the 9.2 km between the Rheinkniebrücke (bridge) and Theodor-Heuss-Brücke.

Arno River Run

Florence, Italy

A spectacular running experience, especially if you go early. Central section has wonderful tree-lined walkways with great views from the bridges. Further west and east sections have gravel paths. We've mapped 15 km along the river.

Ghent ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Ghent, Belgium

A 10 km 'runseeing' tour of Ghent, featuring many of the city's scenic and historical highlights. Much of the old town is a pedestrian zone. Includes a ~2 km jaunt out to Citadel Park, and paths along the water.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow's oldest park and a popular running spot. Run along the Clyde River and in the Green, past the People's Palace and Winter Garden. Several other architectural highlights and landmarks, and lovely running paths.

Göta Älv

Gothenburg, Sweden

The 2.4 kms of paths along the river Göta Älv are the top choice when it comes to running in Gothenburg, and a great way to get across the city without leaving the waterside.

Töölönlahti Bay & Hakaniemi

Helsinki, Finland

Töölönlahti Bay, located north of the city centre, is one of the most popular and scenic running paths of Helsinki. The core loop around Töölönlahti is only 2 km, but we've designed an 8.5 km route that features a waterfront path east to Hakaniemi.

Kyiv ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Kyiv, Ukraine

A comprehensive 'runseeing' tour of Kyiv, hitting many of city's main sights and monuments. Much of the route is through large squares and parks. It's quite easy to follow. The full tour is 13.5 km, but can be shortened. Hilly, with some great views.

Cascais Coastal Run

Lisbon, Portugal

A wonderful coastal run along a dedicated path in this resort town 30 km west of Lisbon. From town, the path runs for nearly 9 km, with great views of the Atlantic Ocean nearly the entire way. Lighthouses, beaches, parks, and a public golf course.

Lake Lucerne Paths

Lucerne, Switzerland

Running routes don't get much more scenic than this! Several kilometers of running paths along Lake Lucerne, with wonderful views of the lake, Old Town, and surrounding mountains. We've divided the route into northern and southern sections.

Wenzel Circuit


This iconic route will take you through the oldest quarters of Luxembourg City, following parts of the way-marked Wenzel Circular Walk circuit. Also sections along the Chemin de la Corniche and Rham Plateau.

Parc de la Tête d’Or

Lyon, France

One of the largest urban parks in Europe, and designed on a grand style -- fountains, statues, botanical garden, and many lovely paths and allées. There's a 4 km perimeter 'jogging path', or many other interior paths for a DIY run.

Madrid ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Madrid, Spain

Our Madrid 'runseeing tour' follows some of the city's historic and major avenues, passing several of Madrid’s most important sites. The P. del Prado was the first tree-lined avenue in a European capital! Video Excerpts!

Casa de Campo

Madrid, Spain

Located a few km west of Madrid’s historic center, Casa de Campo is 5 times the size of New York's Central Park. Our route begins at the Royal Palace and loops through a small section of the park. Another great route begins at the Batán Metro Station.

Palma: Paseo Maritimo

Mallorca, Spain

The signature run on Mallorca is the seaside promenade that runs for several km along the bay. The palm-lined path goes from Palma 3 km west to Portopí and 6km east to Portixol and Cala Gamba. Can continue another 8 km to S'Arenal.

Manchester ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Manchester, England

It's possible to see many of Manchester's important sights in a 3-4 mile tour of the older part of the city, which is located on the east side of the River Irwell. 3.1 mile run of main sights, or 7 mile run including River Irwell, Meadow, Peel Park.

Kennedy Corniche Coastal Run

Marseille, France

The signature run in Marseille, from Pharo Cove near the Old Fort to Prado Beach. Great views of the Mediterranean along the roadside path, passing above coves and along beaches. 5.3 km one-way, with good bus options for the return.

Sempione Park/Brera Neighborhood

Milan, Italy

This park is one of the largest in the city. It’s possible to do 2–3 miles in the park, around the perimeter and park trails. Our 2.5 mile route lined with amazing monuments, it is a perfect blend of natural beauty and tourist sites.

Naviglio Martesana

Milan, Italy

A pedestrian path running for almost 24 miles along the Naviglio Maresana (river), connecting Milan with the Adda river. An uninterrupted off-road path surrounded by greenery, with ancient villas and other unexpected beauties.

Inner Ring Linear Park

Moscow, Russia

A wonderful 10.5 km 'runseeing' tour of Moscow, following a series of linear parks paralleling the inner ring road around the city core. Many important buildings, sites, monuments, museums. A 3 km linear park at the northern end is a nice add-on.

Isar River Paths

Munich, Germany

The Isar River is at the heart of Munich, flowing through its center. A greenbelt/linear park follows the river for many km. See our detailed map with distances between major sections headed north or south.

Englischer Garten

Munich, Germany

The centerpiece of running in central Munich. The grand, 18th century park features nearly 80 km of trails through woods, around a lake, and along the Eisbach and Isar rivers. The southern section is more developed, the northern section more natural.

Erdre River Loop

Nantes, France

The best run in Nantes. Paths on both sides of the river pass by elegant buildings, pleasant neighborhoods, a university campus, woods, a Japanese garden, and numerous colorful boats on a perfect 10k loop, with good add-on options.

Frognerparken Loop

Oslo, Norway

One of the most popular places to run in Oslo. A combination park and historic estate. Enjoy 4--5 km of beautifully landscaped trails around the manor (now Oslo City Museum), and the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park.
Running in Paris on the banks of the Seine

Banks of the Seine

Paris, France (Central)

One of the great urban runs of the world. Several sections have been turned into below-road pedestrian-only paths, with great views of Paris’ wonderful buildings and landmarks. Numerous loop options. Video Excerpts!

Running Paris’ Parks

Paris, France (Central)

The heart of Paris is graced by wonderful and historic parks. All have dedicated pedestrian paths wide enough for running. There are many options to combine parks with Seine paths and other sites. Bastille, Luxembourgg, Tuileries, Invalides, Jardin des Plantes & more!

The Stromovka Park Run

Prague, Czechia

Stromovka is the largest park in the city and the most popular park in Prague for jogging. Enjoy the shaded paths as you wind your way along the numerous well maintained paths looping past the Marold panorama.

Villa Doria Pamphili

Rome, Italy

Rome’s largest park, contains a stunning, mid- 17th century palace surrounded by garden mazes, jogging trails, fabulous fountains, a superb grotto, and pine lined views of Rome from atop the Janiculum hill.

Salzach River Paths

Salzburg, Austria

Among the highlights of running in Salzburg. Combination of paved and unpaved paths, for several km north and south of the city. Quite pastoral, with river views. We've put together two routes, as well as a table with segment distances.


Stockholm, Sweden

A residential island where the spectacular City Hall is located. Mostly along the water. Highlights include a beautiful park, an inner city beach, and Hornsbergs Strand. Add the 2 km loop around Lilla Essingen!

Castle Gardens

Stuttgart, Germany

Run the grounds of Stuttgart’s old palace at the “Schlossgarten,” a collection of three manicured parks in the heart of the city. Routes up to 7 km can be combined with the Neckar River and Rosenstein Park runs.

Garonne River Paths

Toulouse, France

Classic European river run, with paths on both the east and west banks of the Garonne. Our preferred route is 5.3 km from Prairie Des Filtres to the Blagnac Bridge. From there, you can run for another 5+ km on the east or west side of the river.


Utrecht, Netherlands

The largest park in the Netherlands and a joy for running. Many km of pedestrian and cycle paths, water features, and attractive landscaping. It's 3 km north-south and 1 km east-west. One good option is the 10k perimeter path. Just west of the city centre.

Turia Gardens and Cabecera Park

Valencia, Spain

Turia Gardens, which curls around the dry river in the center of the city, is Valencia’s pride and joy when it comes to running routes. It includes over 9 kilometers of paths and an official 5k circuit specialized for running. Adjacent Cabecera Park adds 2km more.

Prater Park

Vienna, Austria

Classic European park dating back to 1766, with several attractions including a huge Ferris wheel. The tree-lined, straight 4.5 km Hauptallee is the running highlight and where Eliud Kipchoge ran a sub-2 hour marathon in 2019. Also the Prater Trail.

Neris River

Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the finest routes to run in Vilnius, these waterside paths along the Neris River add up to more than 10 km (one way) and connect many of the city’s choice parks.

Vistula River Paths

Warsaw, Poland

The signature running route in Warsaw. The best section is ~5 km of paths between the Łazienkowski Bridge and the Gdański Bridge. Paths on west side are paved and more developed. The east side side is greener, with gravel paths. Full loop is 12 km (7.5 miles).

Royal Route

Warsaw, Poland

An 11+ km 'runseeing' tour of the best of Warsaw. Starting from Old Town, takes in many of Warsaw's most important sites, through the Ujazdowski Castle and the Lazienki Park to end at the Palace in Wilanowa. Run one way and take tram back!

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